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....The highlights of the coaching process were for the first time in my life I am taking control of areas of my life that controlled me.  Every day I hear Toni’s words of encouragement when dealing with day-to-day issues that I had avoided dealing with in the past.  I am a stronger, happier person for having gone through the coaching process.  I am enjoying life more and am enjoying the person I am becoming.   

School Board of Broward County
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Toni was absolutely phenomenal. I immediately felt like I was talking to a trusted friend and confidante. She was honest, unafraid to employ “tough love” when necessary, supportive, nonjudgmental, and extremely encouraging. 

Amy Bolyard
Human Resources Director
Chicago, Illinois
– I didn’t think I needed a coach necessarily, because I was very self critical with a certain degree of self awareness and thought I could do it on my own if I had too.  But I also thought it would be an interesting learning experience.  That’s when we had our first coaching session.  Through excellent listening, feedback and powerful questions I experienced my first “AHA” moment during that session and knew Toni was going to be an essential and crucial player in my journey.  And that is exactly what coaching sessions with Toni have proven to be.  I thank her with all my heart for being my coach, my cheerleader, my supporter for helping me grow as a person, an individual and as a coach.

Bettina Armstrong
Leap Into Joy - Soul Coach
Ogden, Utah
Toni Miller
Certified Professional Coach 
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
I knew I was stuck, but didn't know where to start.  Toni's coaching helped me to see what is important to me and I am now on my way toward those objectives.

My life was so cluttered I could not even get out of the woods.  I found that purging things I no longer need is important.  Organizing what is left is more fun.  Making a space for beauty and comfort and creativity is possible now.  Toni helped me get to some core issues.  Life is now a work of art in progress.

I am grateful for all of the caring support I received.  Toni knows her coaching craft and uses her perfect questions as a guide through the maze to personal freedom.

Marilyn Mileham

My name is Esther and I had the pleasure of meeting Toni Miller through a networking event. I had won a gift certificate for one of her coaching sessions. However, my initial reason for calling her was to do business together and see how we could collaborate. But it turned out that Toni was an angel sent to help me on my lost path. I was very lost and frustrated with business issues. I really was not looking for her to help me. But she did! I have never had a coaching session on the phone and with someone that I have never seen before. But it was the most awesome experience. It was like this mysterious voice just saying all the right things and totally channeling exactly what I needed to hear to make all the pain go away and help me become clear again. I know that this women has alot to offer the world and I feel totally blessed to have had her in my life even if it was just for that short time we spent together. I do however plan on continuing my coaching with Toni and I encourage others to give her a chance to be a channel for them as well. 

Thank you Toni for all the work that you have done on yourself so you can be a better channel for the rest of us!